A-sink has applied the most advanced patented technological nano materials  for all kinds of 3C, automobile, electronic products, light book, durable, efficient metal substrate, the graphite substrate and plastic substrates heat corrosion, suction wave application products. We have grown to be the benchmark of industry.  Every employee contributes his efforts to achieve the goals. We treat our employee as our valuable assets. Therefore we have provided a good working environment and also attractive and competitive packages to our employees. Let everyone get involved to work joyfully.

Welcome to join ASINK, my friends !

ASINK package of salary and welfare: 

Firstly, salary: 

(a) principle: job responsibilities, labor market prices, education level, work experience, performance results, length service  of Asink

(b) structure: 

1) monthly income: basic salary + performance 

2) annual income: 12-month salary + year-end bonus. 

Secondly, welfare: 

(a) the company for employees to buy: pension insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance, medical insurance, maternity insurance

Thirdly, leave: 

(a) according to the provisions of the state, employees can be entitled paid holidays eg.,  annual leave, legal holiday, marriage leave, funeral leave, maternity leave. 

(b) wages paid during sick leave: 70% of the basic salary of the same day, under the premise of providing proof of the hospital. 

Fourthly, cultural and entertainment:

 (a) to enrich the cultural life of employees, the company holds annually domestic and abroad trips; 

(b) to strengthen the team spirit and improve the cohesion of the company, the company holds irregular weekend dinners, outdoor activities such as hiking.

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