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Together we can win the world
Sales GM of Asink, Ms. Jennifer Chen, payed a visit to SAC Group Sheng Zheng office with Sales VP of Asink, Rebecca Zhu, in September, 2018....【查看详情】
Progress in high-power LED enhanced heat dissipation technology
Introduction: LED is an abbreviation for LED, which is a luminescent material based on semiconductor die. As the technology of semiconduc...【查看详情】
Happy Annual Dinner and Happy Chinese New Year
On 3rd Feb 2018, Asink Green Material hold year-end annual dinner at Huatongcheng Hotel in Dongguan.   At this annual dinner, we ...【查看详情】
Asink's power cooling successful cases
As we all know, there are more and more power products appearing in the market, and the phenomenon of high temperature in the process of sto...【查看详情】
Asink year end summary
To all the colleagues of Asink:   Time goes by. Unconsciously, we came to the end of the year 2017. Looking back on this year''''s ...【查看详情】