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Insulation Powder Coating

Our powder coatings are available in variable epoxy, thermoset, and thermoplastic formulations for many electrical applications.

Insulation powder coating are essential in providing electrical insulation and environmental protection.  This treatment is popular in applications such as bus bars, motor iron, toroid cores, and passive devices including resistors and capacitors.

Epoxy powder coating is an approach with significant advantages and flexibility in a wide range of procedures. It is ideal as a high dielectric insulator on aluminum or copper conductors. Through the proper application method, this treatment can be used to uniformly coat almost any configuration.

Due to its durability, epoxy powder eliminates the risk of cut-through or high-voltage spikes in cable insulations. We at ASF are capable of handling both short-run and prototype requirements, each of which benefits greatly from epoxy treatments by foregoing the need for multiple conductor assemblies.

Insulation powder coating has been recognized as a superior application method for protective finishes for various shapes and sizes. The process was initially used as an inexpensive way to apply coating in a way that complies with commercial standards. However, until the use of epoxy, it was an unsuitable method for applications with electrical considerations.

At Advanced Surface Finish, we also utilize fluidized bed processes for thicker insulation requirements. 

These coatings can protect electronic and electrical components and systems in environments where they need be handled or operated safely as well as insulating the components in close proximity to prevent them from interacting with each other.

Our coatings offer superior dielectric resistance, heat resistance, and chemical resistance as required by the requirements or specifications of the various projects.

Applications include: Single Conductor Assemblies, Multiple Conductor,Assemblies, Bus Bars, Magnet Wire, Automotive Components,Electrical Parts.